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~ Game Fish ~

The Great Chiefs of Father Sky, Sitting Bull, Joseph, Red Cloud, and Cochees wife in the Oceans womb, representing Mother Earth, all look on with great concern as tears trickle down their cheeks. The Sail Fish has toxic waste symbols for eyes, as nuclear power plants, deadly chemicals and distressed oil rigs spew their toxins into this Heavenly realm. Modern mans deadly thirst to win power and control over his environment and others because of his sense of lack, is stressing this Planet to the point of no return. Up his sleeve under the ace of spades are 3 sixes, the Mark of the Beast, what other species has delivered such a great blow to this world and it’s in habitants other than man, and then points to a mythological demon to except the weight of his own dirty deeds. In the King of Spades just off the edge of the game board is mans hand turning the nuclear weapon keys. For the love of money, man is willing to cash in all of his chips and the Domino Effect begins.

~ Crazy Horse’s Vision Quest ~

Crazy Horse, of the Oglala Sioux resurrects, busting lose from the Earth Mother's womb, riding forth into his vision of a universal understanding that all are of One Tribe. He now holds in his hand the talking stick, not the war club. The "Trail of Tears" has been endless for man and Now it is time to ride upon the sacred winds of Wisdom.

~ Big Decisions ~


In the times when the earth and its people lived in harmonious kindredship with all other brothers and sisters of nature, little if any decisions had to be made as the earth mother provided all with their needs. And then one day the carriers of greed arrived from all civilized directions, disconnecting her ability to meet the needs of her children. Her wide openness had been harnessed by fences along with her people. The laws of greed spoke in forked tongs. Spiritual understanding

now disrupted by paper deeds and contracts. The earth people were now forced.

to make big decisions.

~ Celestial Ceremony ~  

The Great Spirit Chief arises from dimensions unknown and summons the earth mother to orchestrate her precious gift of life. As she gently blows the colors of guiding light through her fertile giving hands the sacred ceremony begins. The earth mother then channels to her offspring the sensation of love and to each, a personal awareness. This harmonious kindredship celebrates it's presence and is filled with joy to identify with it's delicate existence.

~ The Great Spirit ~

This painting express the flight of the spirit in it's endeavor to reawaken itself to it's true nature, uniting , once again, into it's oneness. The spirit opens the sacred mountain which Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce overlooks a parallel world of the old. This is where the Native American lives in harmony with nature and recognizes it's brotherhood. On the bottom right, the trail of tears ends and begins here as the weary spirits, once again, are clothed in flesh, upon entering the sacred mountain. Periodically a few chosen warriors are sent into our world to teach and calm the heavy hearts of the "Modern Man". Chief Red Cloud of the Sioux can be seen in the background on top of another sacred mountain.  

~ Child Within ~  


Despite the ominous overtones, this painting sheds great light exposing the awesome and  

destructive powers of fear. This primordial weakness in man can only be conquered by that of faith in ones higher self "The Child Within" centered in all without circumference. The saying that ignorance is bliss holds true in this painting depicted by the Buddha sitting in meditation within the Lotus flower, back dropped by an infinite and unconditional universe and also the child's impersonal ease of allowance with it's potential predator. In meditation or deep sleep one is unaware of thought, the motivator of emotion and action. Also at this age the child has not learned to react in a programmed and regimented fashion to that of the perception of good or bad or to fear or not to fear. The Gargoyles are to keep those of little faith from enlightenment. All are equal within this unified field of awareness, the " I AM". So what is there to fear within this holistic macrocosm? Take no thought, keep the faith in your divinity and ride the great white.  " The Child shall lead the way"  

~ Good Morning ~  


This serene scene is nestled in the basin of spiritual desire. The dolphins gather forming  a Lotus flower, a symbol of enlightenment as the mermaid meditates. The mermaids tail becomes the stem of the Lotus with it's colors of father sky and the green of mother earth, uniting both as one. In the foreground are the Ester Islands statues and in the background (Top Left) is Stonehenge.  

~ Mother Earth-Father Sky ~

Appearing in the thunderhead is an American Indian performing the ghost-dance. The ghost-dance was a new religion of which swept across the plains in the early 1880's formed to summon the ways of the old free days and to end that of white mans domination and his breach of treaties, both with the Indian nation and the earth. Also in the cloud is the white buffalo symbolic of the rebirth of the Indian nation and the ways of oneness'. Upon the buffalo's back is Father Sky throwing onto Mother Earth the bolt of life, energizing her ocean into a wave of life. Underwater in the background to the right of earths dreamcathcer is Chief Plenty Coups (1848-1932) atop a sacred mountain, one of the most famous and spiritual crow chiefs. To the left of earths dream catcher is Tatan "Kaiyo Take", or Sitting Bull (1834-1890) a great spiritual leader of the nontreaty Sioux. He was respected amongst his people of his generosity, quite disposition, keen discernment and adherence to Indian ideas. He and his men won the battle against Custer but found his death on the Grand River as the US attempted to arrest him for his alleged support in the ghost-dance movement.

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