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Kelly Hostetler of Spirit Dance is a self taught artist, born in Mishawaka Indiana, lived in the southwest as a small child, but for most part was raised in the Florida Keys. His paintings shed light upon the Southwest, Visionary, Native American, New Age and Sea Life Dreamscapes.  It was in 1989 when he channeled the name Spirit Dance to represent the pictorial works of which were yet to come inspired by his writings.

Kelly questioned his philosophy by way of poetry and once he felt direction this led him to express his insights through the brush. He feels painting is a good medium because it has the ability to touch all, via it's silent universal language. He expresses the relativity of conflict among the earth's inhabitants and recognizes the humor in the ignorance of it all.

My Philosophy Of Life...

The Act of aggression in and by itself is belligerent evidence of mans lack

of faith and total disrespect unto his brothers and sisters of nature

and creation itself. How foolish and futile be it that man

should stand in question and hold in judgment that of

his very own creation and the genius there of, man

needs to take the back seat to the perfection of

creation and allow it's divinity to shine the way.

Love & Light,

You may also find me traveling the country in the truck viewed below.

You can contact me at:

P.O. Box 559, Tavernier, FL 33070

Call: 305-853-2533

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